Copyright and disclaimers


The Best Practice Guidelines (BPGs) are under copyright of the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT). CAMRT makes the BPGs freely available to promote their dissemination and use. The BPGs may be used and reproduced for clinical and educational purposes without special permission.

Citation as to source is required. Some guidelines refer to copyrighted materials, and further reproduction of these, in any form, print or electronic, is prohibited without the specific permission of copyright holders. Permission to reproduce copyrighted materials must be obtained directly from copyright holders and they may charge fees for the use of copyrighted materials. It is the responsibility of the user to contact and obtain the needed copyright permissions prior to reproducing materials in any form.

Adaptation for local use

Because best practice at the local level often depends on many factors unique to province, facility, and department, the guidelines have been developed for ready adaptation to local situations. Local institutions may modify the documents for their own use providing the amendments are well documented and reference the CAMRT BPGs as the source document.

Recommended citation

Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technology. <Guideline name>. CAMRT Best Practice Guidelines. <Validation date>. <URL>. Accessed: <date>.

This is a suggested citation for the CAMRT Best Practice Guidelines. Replace <Guideline name> with the name of the module you are citing. Use the URL from the page or pages you are citing (e.g., Put the date you accessed the information for the date (e.g., 9 May 2020).


The CAMRT Best Practice Guidelines reference the best information available at the time of development. While the CAMRT endeavours to ensure these Best Practice Guidelines are accurate at the time of their validation, it does not bear responsibility for matters arising from changed circumstances or information or material that may have become available after the date of last validation.

Guidelines users are always urged to consider the date of validation for each guideline and to seek out the most up-to-date information on their topic of interest, as newer information might impact the decision-making process.