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Topic Guideline Category Review Schedule
Patient Care Communication of critical or unexpected findings Core
Patient monitoring and physical assessment
Patient sedation Core
Patient preparation RTNM 2021, in progress
Claustrophobia Core
Patient comfort and positioning Core
Patient Interactions Patient identification Core
Introduction to patient Core
Informed consent Core
Patient education Core
Sharing personal opinions with patients Core
Patient and family complaints Core
Confrontation or abusive situations Core
Nuclear medicine patients at security checkpoints RTNM 2021, in progress
Patient and Family-Centered Care Patient and family-centered care in practice Core
Patient advocacy Core
Suspected physical abuse Core 2021, in progress
Records and Reporting Markers and annotation RTR
Topic Guideline Category Review Schedule
General Safety Infection control Core
Maintenance of CPR certification Core
Administration of interventional agents RTNM
Falls prevention Core
Radiation Safety Breastfeeding patients Core
Breastfeeding in nuclear medicine RTNM 2021, in progress
Pregnant patients Core 2021, in progress
Collimation RTR
Communicating risk and benefit Core
Minimizing patient exposure Core
Radiation safety outside the department RTR
Accountability for accurate dose to patient RTNM
Patient education regarding iodine therapy RTNM 2021, in progress
MRI Safety Authorized MRI personnel RTMR
Burn prevention RTMR
Hearing protection RTMR
Investigation of foreign bodies RTMR
MRI facility design RTMR
MRI of pregnant patients RTMR 2021, in progress
MRI screening RTMR
Optimal staffing in MRI RTMR 2021, in progress
Prevention of missile accidents RTMR 2021, in progress
Quench process RTMR
Patient Safety Incidents Patient safety incident reporting Core
Disclosure of patient safety incidents Core
Support following a patient safety incident Core
Incident reporting in quality improvement Core
Errors in administration of radiopharmaceuticals RTNM
Topic Guideline Category Review Schedule
Appropriate Care Patient history Core
Appropriateness of requisition, order or prescription Core
Appropriateness of mobile examinations RTR
Clarification of requisition, order or prescription Core
Performance of new responsibilities Core 2021, in progress
Adapting Care Adapting and responding to treatment plan deviations RTT
Complex Patients Palliative treatment RTT
Patients with CIEDs RTT
Planning Care Overall patient care RTT
Patient assessment RTT
Workflow decisions Core
Quality Assurance Image quality Core
Radiopharmaceutical quality control RTNM 2021, in progress
Resource management RTNM 2021, in progress
Topic Guideline Category Review Schedule
Collaborative Practice Interprofessional collaboration Core
Transitions in care Core
Professional Conduct Resolving conflicts with healthcare professionals Core 2021, in progress
Addressing professional misconduct Core
Professional Development Continuing professional development Core
Reflective practice Core
Topic Guideline Category Review Schedule
Radiation Safety, at work Minimizing MRT exposure Core 2021, in progress
Pregnant MRTs Core
Education for other professionals working in NM environment RTNM 2021, in progress
MRI Safety, at work Controlled access to the MRI environment Core 2021, in progress
General Safety, at work Safe patient handling Core
Mental Health Burnout Core