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About the Best Practice Guidelines (BPGs)

What is best practice?
What are guidelines?

Using the BPGs

The CAMRT BPGs are not intended to be a “how to” guide, but rather to provide MRTs with a tool and additional resources to help guide best practice and enhance decision-making.

The following descriptions will help guide the user to navigate the terminology used on the CAMRT BPG website.

Headings, Topics, & Guidelines: Displayed across the top of the website pages, headings help bring together topics of associated content. Under each topic are their respective guidelines.

To explore the full list of guidelines, visit our Index.

Category: Guidelines are categorized as either “core” or “discipline specific”.


Guidelines that were developed to apply to all disciplines in medical radiation technology are considered “core” to the profession.

Guidelines that are “discipline specific” are listed with the corresponding discipline designation and categorized by the specific discipline on the guideline page and in the index of topics. For example, MRI of pregnant patients falls under the specific discipline of “RTMR”.

Maintaining the BPGs

Guidelines are reviewed and updated on a sustainability schedule to provide current information and evidence as a resource to MRTs. The validation date confirms the most recent date the guideline was reviewed in its entirety. Links and references are updated on a regular basis and updates are not reflected in the validation date if they do not significantly change the content or information provided in the guideline.

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Language used in the BPGs

Language used in Canadian healthcare settings is dynamic, and occasionally varied depending upon location. It is CAMRT’s intent to have the BPGs language reflect what is in current use in the majority of healthcare settings, with language updates occurring at the time of the respective BPG’s validation.

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This interactive tool is continually improved thanks to feedback from users like you. If you find anything you particularly like or have trouble with, please communicate this to us via email at bpg@camrt.ca.


The CAMRT would like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the members of the Best Practice Guidelines Committee, without whom the preparation and publication of these guidelines would not have been possible.

Angela Cashell, RTT, ACT
Cindy Humphries, RTR
Cynthia Kulczycki, RTR, RTMR
Kelly Lawrence, RTR
Brian Liszewski, RTT
Adam MacDonald, RTT
Caron Murray, RTR, ACR, RTMR
Yusuaf Omarkhail, RTNM

New Graduates:
Cassandra McEwlee, RTR
Jaden Webb, RTNM